The Levinson (Update)

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I wanted to alert you to the City Council meeting on Tuesday Dec. 18. On the agenda are revised plans for the Levinson, that huge apartment building planned for downtown Noblesville.

You ‘ll recall the developer brought it before the council a few months ago. They OK’d it but a number of residents and local organizations including the Preservation Alliance, asked if they could contribute their advice on the design because it didn’t seem to fit into downtown very well.    

To his credit, Shelby Bowen, the developer agreed, and he and his architects met with the NPA several times. As a board member for the NPA I was able to present the concerns that so many of you have shared with me during these meetings. The developer took this feedback to heart and came back with a revised design. It’s not perfect but it’s better.

It may be the wrong building for that location and we shouldn’t be demolishing historic buildings downtown but there’s no sense arguing that any more because the council has already agreed he can build the building and you and I are going to pay for the underground parking lot. What we need to focus on now and what I’ve been focusing all of my efforts on is making sure that the opinions and concerns of the community are taken seriously and used to ensure the best possible outcome.

Of course this would have worked a lot better had the public been invited to participate earlier in the process but that’s an issue of transparency for the mayoral campaign and we’ll continue to discuss that as the campaign progresses.

For now it’s important that we use the tools at our disposal as citizens, business owners and in my case candidate for Mayor to demand inclusion, push for change and influence the decisions that affect every resident and visitor to our great city. This project would not have been improved had it not been for your diligence and love for your city, continue pushing for what’s right and I will continue to use my platform to advocate for you, the people of Noblesville.

Additional Information:

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