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The Truth About My Campaign Finances

Regarding the letter from Rich Breyer (Noblesville voter wants Corbett to tell the truth) in yesterday’s Reporter. Mr. Breyer says I “disguised” contributions but that’s absolutely untrue. I reported these contributions from individual citizens of Noblesville (plus one from Indianapolis and my Mom who lives in Colorado) exactly as the law demands. Had these been businesses seeking influence and donating from their corporate accounts, the business names would have been clearly recorded. You don’t find those records in my financial reports because, as I’ve always said, I don’t take money from special interests or people that do business with the city. That was as true before the election as it is today.
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Respecting the Taxpayer

Respecting the Taxpayer

My campaign is based on five key principles. Each week I take a deep dive into one of the five principles. Over the past two weeks I’ve explained what improved transparency looks like and how historic preservation can be an economic development strategy.

The third principle is a greater respect for the Read More