I Will...

Make your city government more transparent, inclusive and responsive so that it works for you.

Create a culture within City Hall that recognizes that historic preservation isn’t something to be tolerated but something to be celebrated and promoted as an economic and cultural development strategy.

Always maintain a healthy respect for the taxpayer, who is currently paying some of the county’s highest taxes.

Maintain our small town values emphasizing responsible development with a preference for locally owned businesses and a dense and thriving urban core.

Work with a sense of urgency on infrastructure development, maintenance and improvement to regain the progress that’s been lost over the past decade.

Friends and Neighbors,

Noblesville is great city with great people. But it could be so much better. All it takes is a vision, some initiative and a willingness to listen to people. That seems simple, yet we’ve gone so far off the rails. I’m running for Mayor to make city hall more responsive to you and your fellow citizens.

The five points I outlined above will be at the core of the fresh ideas and new energy that I will bring to City Hall. Growth is good and we should encourage it, but we need to do a better job of managing it. Noblesville still has that small city character that is evident in our courthouse square and surrounding neighborhoods. But unless we take care of those assets that have made us great, we risk losing the very things that distinguish us from other suburban communities.

The people know instinctively what those are, but they are being ignored by our leaders in City Hall. The people attend meetings and express themselves, then watch while our elected leaders pursue their own agendas as if the public never even showed up.

We need a reset. We need to re-evaluate our priorities and start heading in a better direction. We have so much potential but we don’t have the leadership to reach it.

Let’s change that.


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Transportation Diversity

Transportation is changing. For the past 100 years or so we’ve been building our cities to accommodate cars as they have opened up new areas for development and allowed people to travel farther and more comfortably than ever before.

Citizen Engagement

Good governance requires active participation by citizens. You know what active participation looks like: people show up for public meetings, they let their elected officials know what they think, and they express themselves at the voting booth on election day.

Responsible Spending

It’s important to recruit new businesses to add to our tax base and give our residents employment opportunities. And I recognize that city governments have become players in the economic development game. Public-private partnerships are the way…

Nickel Plate Railroad

Noblesville recently partnered with Fishers and the county on a plan to take out the Nickel Plate Railroad tracks and turn the right of way into a trail. I love trails. In fact I have advocated for them in my past two elections, even to the extent that I included an image of a bike…

Firestone Plant

It seems like a great opportunity. 70 acres of undeveloped land in the middle of Noblesville. The problem, of course, is that its polluted. For years, Firestone and its predecessors dumped dangerous chemicals on the land, and its going to be very difficult to clean up.

Pleasant Street Bypass

The city is spending millions of dollars to upgrade Pleasant St. as a way to bypass downtown and move traffic more quickly for cars and trucks that want to avoid the cross traffic and congestion. I understand the rationale but I don’t understand why…



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