Friends and Neighbors,

Noblesville is great city with great people. But it could be so much better. All it takes is a vision, some initiative and a willingness to listen to people. That seems simple, yet we’ve gone so far off the rails. I’m running for Mayor to make city hall more responsive to you and your fellow citizens.

The issues below show why its so important to bring fresh ideas and new energy to City Hall. Growth is good and we should encourage it, but we need to do a better job of managing it. Noblesville still has that small city character that is evident in our courthouse square and surrounding neighborhoods. But unless we take care of those assets that have made us great, we risk losing the very things that distinguish us from other suburban communities.

The people know instinctively what those are, but they are being ignored by our leaders in City Hall. The people attend meetings and express themselves, then watch while our elected leaders pursue their own agendas as if the public never even showed up.

We need a reset. We need to re-evaluate our priorities and start heading in a better direction. We have so much potential but we don’t have the leadership to reach it.

Let’s change that.

The Issues

Economic Development

We shouldn’t be giving money to businesses to stay here.

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Nickel Plate Railroad

We’re in danger of losing an irreplaceable public asset.

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Citizen Engagement

It’s time your voice is heard. I will work for not against you!

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Pleasant Street Bypass

An old town neighborhood is not the place for a bypass.

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Transportation Diversity

Why is so much of Noblesville only accessible by car?

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Old Firestone Plant

Why is that land still sitting idle? It’s time for strong leadership.

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